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Help with PPK

Hello Pix4d family.

I recently purchased a drone from Event38, the E384 fixed wing.

I am new to PPK. Out of the past 10 flights, I havent been able to acquire any usable data.

Event38’s support is a joke. We are waiting over a week for a 1 paragraph email that leaves more unanswered questions.

In mining, time is expensive. So having this unit not being utilized, is costing a lot.


I have a fixed Trimble Netr9 base station used for logging, and the drone runs a Reach RS GPS.

Does anyone here have knowledge of PPK with RTKLIB?

If so, please contact me either here or email me at

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Hi Jason 

My advice is to head to Emlids forums. i’m sure you’ll find help there. You can also email the raw logs to me. I’ve done some ppk and I have 2 x Reach RS. First name last name @ gmail dot com

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Thanks Jaakko,

I found the issue that was giving me the road block.

I was trying to process the RINEX data, but my event.pos file would only be 2kb. So there was nothing in there.

Finally I tried processing the UBX data and it finally gave me a good event.pos file so I could geo tag.

Very pleased with the results!

I use the EMLID Reach RS with EZSurv and CORS stations in the UK, and am very pleased with them - I can manage <1cm x,y and <1.4cm z with 20 minutes per gcp. let me know if you need any help. RTKLIB was rubbish for me which is why we went the EZSurv and their custom application. Its a one step process and very quick.

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I am also using EZSurv as a trial right now. And loving it…with the exception of 1 thing, when I bring everything into Pix4d, then add my check points, they are all off by 1 meter or so. Ive been talking with Stephanie from EZSurv, and she has been walking me through the software, but theres something im doing wrong, datum wise that has my check points showing 1 meter out.

John Scullard - When you bring your EZsurv data into Pix4d, what are you using for Horizontal and vertical accuracies?