Help with mini 4 Pro settings

My first drone and first test. I made waypoints using, used 12MP x2 second photo timer, made a fly and imported photos to Pix4DField works fine but i need help to find the right settings.

I understand that this drone is not for this purpose, but I want to test the Pix4Dfield program before making a decision to purchase a new drone.

My primary purpose is to fly the boundaries of the fields with a drone and transfer them to the Johndeere Center using the pix4Dfield application.

The following information must be entered into the Waypoints service, i used mini 3pro settings from Photogrammetry Calculator.

  • Altitude was set to 50, - at what height would it be good to fly?
  • Speed was set to 5m/s - speed from calculator
  • Gimbal Angle set to -90
  • Distance Between Paths ← this is what i need help with, how much distance in meters should there be?

calculator result: have I entered the information correctly when using the mini 4 pro drone?

I used the custom parameter file Pix4D because the mini 4pro didn’t seem to be compatible. Does that information have to be modified or is it entered into the program as it is?
i.e. did the file already contain the changes? I entered it as is into the program.

The first test and the result of it. Why is the road not aligned with the base map? Can I target it in the program?

Hi there

The GPS module in your drone isn’t accurate enough to properly georeference the orthomosaic. You’ll need to use RTK capable drone. Or you can use Ground Control Points and in this case you will need GNSS-receiver with NTRIP or a Rover with a Base station.

And those background images/maps can be meters off…