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Geotiff generated from the guided tour have issues when opened in Surfer 16

Hi, i was following the guided tour in order to generate the DSM geo tiff file. since i wanted to open this in Golden software Surfer 16. Such opened imagery height and widths were exaggerated from the original. can you explain me why?
earlier i generated the contour file from pix4D and opened it in surfer 16 for volume calculation. (im aware that the volume calculation can be done in pix4d, but it doesn’t allow to calculate volume of parts of quarry mother rock. )
link to surfer generated image:
link to pix4d generated image:
Thank you


It has to be something specific about displaying the GeoTIFF in the Surfer.

I wanted to test it. However, I encountered problems downloading the software. It is not possible on any site I visited.

I submitted the ticket to their Support. Once I get the software, I will test it for you.

Best regards,

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Hi, I must thank you for the effort. But after a long research on both the softwares I found that it is an issue related with the map generation and units per metres exaggeration in surfer software that can be adjusted.

Ah, OK! Thank you for letting us know.

Anyway… probably on the way, we will solve the second problem: broken download on Golden Software webpage :slight_smile:


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