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GCPs layer in the hierarchy

New layer in the web editor to display the GCPs

When a project is processed by using the AutoGCP functionality (after 10th February 2021), there will be a new layer in the editor containing the GCPs and Check Points.

They will be superimposed on the 2D and 3D views: GCPs in purple and Check Points in yellow.

This new layer helps to know how accurate your project is just by having a quick look at the GCPs and Check Points locations.

  • When sharing the project, the GCP layer will also be visible.
  • If the GCP detection fails and no points are found, the GCP layer will not be visible at all.
  • If the GCP detection only finds a few points, the GCP layer will only contain those points.

Before using the GCP functionality, remember that:

  • Only squared and diagonal targets are supported
  • Targets should not be smaller than 5 times the average GSD of the project.
  • Black and white targets are supported. Other colors may work in some circumstances.
  • GCPs must be placed at a distance of at least 12 m from each other.
  • GCPs must have a projected coordinate system whose definition is included at

More information can be found here.