AutoGCP PIX4Dcloud Advanced with PIX4Dcatch


I’m having a problem with GCP autodetection, the targets are 15cmx15cm and 10 to 15m apart with at least 5 GCPs but every time it fails (the targets used are black and white chequered targets.).
I would like to know if using PIX4Dcatch images is possible or only optimal for aerial drone acquisition (nadir flight)?
It’s not possible with terrestrial acquisition?

Best regards


Hi @adrien.dufour ,

The AutoGCP feature is not available for the PIX4Dcatch dataset yet.

We have a feature request on this, but there are no votes yet.

If you could vote on this, we may be able to consider it in the future.

If anything changes, we will update it here: Technical release notes - PIX4Dcloud / PIX4Dcloud Advanced

Rosana (she/her)