GCP or MTP is Pix4D Fields?

Hi, we are currently trying both the Mapper and Fields softwares, and we have a question. Is it (or will be) possible to implement GCPs or MTPs in the Pix4DFields software? The workflow is much better for our work, but we need the different layers to actually fit one over the other one (with precision). This we already achive on the Mapper, but dont know how to do it in the Fields.

Thank you

Hi Jose,

It is not possible to use GCPs or MTPs in fields at this moment. We also don’t have it as a feature in the next version that is probably going to be released at the end of this year. However, we will have some other interesting features and improvements.


Hi. I see this post from 2018. Do you know if GCP’s are now part of Fields? We are using metashape and ArcGIS for multiple flights. PIX4D Fields appears to be much easier but not sure it will work with multiple layers. Thanks so much. Your online forum is awesome.

Hi Craig,
It is still not possible to in use GCPs or MTPs in Fields. However PIX4Dfields 1.11 was just released today. There is an accurate processing option. This will generate a highly detailed height model along with a more accurate orthomosaic. This is ideal for trial plots, spot application, and terrain analysis.

As for you last question, yes it will support multiple layers. You can process multiple flights in the same project. They will appear as separate layers. This is ideal for flights that occurred at different times.