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Follow up: Accounting for shadows from clouds in creating orthomosaic/point cloud

I’m hoping to gain some further insight into what other algorithms Daniel the Pix4D Tech Support Engineer was referring to when he replied to my initial question-- see photo below for context. 

What other algorithms are applied to images in Pix4D? Is there any recalibration of reflection levels? If so, during what stage of processing does it take place (e.g., during point matching) and is there any option for us to modify the parameters?

If there is no recalibration of reflection levels executed during processing, is anyone at Pix4D aware of their users recalibrating their images before putting them into Pix4D, using a sister software? We have toyed with the idea of using Photoshop but are interested if there’s a remote-sensing-specific software out there that we haven’t been able to find.



An answer has been given in the corresponding post: 

In order to not have duplications, I close this one.