Filtering Out Structures and Vegetation

Is there a way to filter out vegetation and structures in Pix4D Matic. We are a Civil Construction company that relies on ground surfaces. We work a lot on streams and river corridors that have some vegetation.

We are moving away from Propeller Aero to the Pix4D workflow and are just starting to make the transition. Any help would be nice. We have subscriptions for Pix4D Matic, Pix4D Surveyor, and Pix4D Cloud Advanced.

Hello @dylan, There is no option to do a point cloud classification in PIX4Dmatic. However, PIX4Dsurvery is designed to do the point cloud classification. First, process the project in PIX4Dmatic to generate the point cloud and then import it to PIX4Dsurvery for the point cloud classification and filtering.
You can use the Terrain filter in PIX4Dsurvery to define the point cloud into Terrain and Non-terrain classes.

Great! Is there a way to apply the filter to the 3D textured mesh in PIX4D Matic/cloud without having any holes in the 3d textured mesh?

Hi dylan,
The filters are applied to the point cloud in PIX4Dsurvey. You cannot filter the 3D textured mesh. Only the point cloud.