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File Size

We’re looking to purchase an iPad and trying to determine how much storage we should have for LiDAR capture. We plan to use Pix4DCatch and curious how big the file sizes are. Should we go with 512GB or 1TB?

Thank you.

Hi @pix4d29
That’s great news. Welcome to the Pix4D community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . Could you please let me know a bit more about your use-cases? How will you be using PIX4Dcatch? What kind of scenes will you be capturing? And how often would you need to use it?

If you’ll need to capture big scenes on a daily basis, I would suggest the 1 TB.

Thanks and kind regards
Amritha Narayanan

Use is unknown at this time. This is a trial run to see what we might be able to do with the iPad LiDAR capability and if we should make further investment. A few ideas we have for testing it are, sidewalk ramps to determine if they meet grading requirements, bridge abutments and piers (at least what we can reach from the ground), possibly covered bridges, sewer pump station documentation of existing conditions (maybe more), and construction inspection/as-built documentation.

Initially it won’t be daily use, but who knows. If it comes to that, we’ll probably need a 2nd one and maybe that’s when we go with 1 TB.