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Feature request: Ability change the default view of embedded/shareable 3d map links to mesh instead of point cloud.

Please provide a way to default embedded ortho links to the textured mesh instead of the point cloud- which, in my opinion, would present a more vivid, approachable image to the customer.

The grainy, fractured presentation of a point cloud is not as pleasant or approachable to view from the point of view of a layperson, making the overall presentation of the image less impactful. This comes in to play particularly when using Pix4D embeddable HTML models on one’s web page. Here is a direct comparison:


Please do let me know if I am in error and there is a way to do this that I am not aware of. Thanks!




Hello Joseph,

It’s an interesting point you have here. As you may have seen, we are using the same default view like the one we use on our cloud platform for our embed viewer.

I can’t answer your request directly, but I have shared your point of view with the right persons and we will consider your proposition!

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!