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Extracting tfw of single image from rjpeg

Hi Pix4D team,

I am using pix4Dmapper to process the thermal infrared image of FLIR Vue Pro R. For each single image, in the generated convert folder, pix4d extracts the image in rjpeg format into TIF and generates the corresponding TFW format。
But why there is no coordinate information of single image in TFW format file, and all of them are 0. How do I get the TFW file for each single image?

Please help!

Hi @358416206, We do not write the coordinate information for the converted tif files to the tfw. You will find the latitude, longitude 9geoloaction) info in the EXIF tags of the tif file. You could also export the geolocation file as csv/txt from Pix4Dmapper.