Extract text from user interface


In almost all apps (including browsers) you can select text (with click&drag) copying it to the clipboard. Not so in Pix4Dmatic or Pix4Dsurvey. If I’m missing something, please advise.

Example: I get an error message (in the status window) and want to check the filename that is claimed. Since the filename cannot be extracted as text, I have to type it by hand or use an OCR capable screens capture tool.

Perhaps the user interface can be configured to allow this in the future. I think that would significantly improve the user experience.

– Reto

Hi @pixmap_operations,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Some of the texts can be copied by clicking Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V.
For the rest of them most probably you will be able to find everything in the log file.

I am not sure if this helps you a lot.
I will move this to the feature request section.


Hi Nikoleta

So how can I select and copy this text (image names), for example:

Thanks a lot,

Hi Reto,

Can you send me the log file and the csv you want to import?
If you have not imported the Image geolocations there is no problem unless they exist in the file and there were difficulties when importing it.


Hi Nikoleta

This topic is not about a specific issue it’s about the UI in general.

What I’m trying to say is that I cannot copy text from any label or textfield to the clipboard anymore, using Pix4Dmatic or Pix4Dsurvey. In Pix4Dmapper or in any browser app I can select text from the UI and copy it into the clipboard, which makes it very easy to reuse such text, for documentation purposes.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, Reto

Hi Reto,

Thank you for your feedback.
As stated in our ticket conversation, I forwarded the feedback to the product team :wink: .

Ok, I got it.

I thought two things (with the same screenshots) got mixed up, the inability to import geolocation data as explained in ticket 132005 and the general aspect of not being able to copy text in this community post.

Thanks to both of you, @Daniele_Lecci and @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your valuable feedback, @pixmap_operations :slight_smile: .

What Nikoleta wanted to say, is that you can open the log file and copy the data from there:

I know it is not optimal (when compared to PIX4Dmapper), but this can be a great workaround.

let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Yes, in this example it is indeed a workaround, thanks for the valuable hint.

I meant it in general, you often discuss about some labels or texts you see in an app and you are just very used to be able to capture this information as text.

And last but not least: With screens capture and OCR it works as well, just a bit more tedious.

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