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Exporting With Ground Control Points GCPs

I’m doing a test mission for a Survey company using “Carlson Survey” and considering “Carlson Precision 3D Topo” for data processing.

They have marked Ground Control Points which I will place my marker pads on.  What I’m wondering is what is the workflow in Pix4D for exporting a file for them to use in Carlson Survey or Carlson Precision 3D Topo?  Do I need to do some sort of georeferencing of the GCPs prior to export or do they do that after import?

I just discovered Pix3D. What is the least expensive solution for me to do this considering this is just a one time test and I’m not going to be doing this often anytime soon?


Hi Jeff,

The workflow would be the following:

  1. Place the GCP targets on the ground.
  2. Measure points.
  3. Fly over the area to capture images with GCP targets.
  4. Create a project with Pix4D Desktop.
  5. Run step 1. Initial Processing.
  6. Import the file containing point coordinates.
  7. Mark each GCP on some images.
  8. Reoptimize the results.
  9. Process the two other steps and export outputs.

If you need more details, we recommend that you check the getting started:

Let us know how it goes for you :).