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Exporting P4DCapture TXT Files to DroneLogBook


we manage our flight logs and metadata using DroneLogBook. In order to upload flights from P4DC to DLB, we use DLB’s app called DLBSync.

I am using an Android phone (Google Pixel 3).

I have been successful in getting the logs using Parrot Free Flight into DLB, however Pix4D logs have not been able to be uploaded. Currently the Root Path is set to:

Pix4D > Settings > Root Directory Path > /storage/emulated/0/Pix4D

In DLBSync, I have manually entered this pathname. It locates the following files:

  • pix4dcapture.log
  • Pix4Dmapper.log
  • Pix4capture_TileProviders.json
  • pix4dcapture.log.1
  • pix4dcapture.log.2

However, when I select them and hit upload, it fails to upload any of them. DLB has told me they need to be TXT files, and so my pathname is not correct.

I need to figure if, and where, Pix4D creates TXT files. This is the response from DLB:

:::I think you have not set the correct Pix4D log path , as telemetry log should be .TXT files.

The .LOG files listed in your case, are not telemetry but system audit logs.:::

I need to get these logs uploaded to our system and have tried every route I can think of to get DLBSync to recognize the correct pathname. Please help! Thanks

We are not familiar with the workflow of DroneLogBook. I would suggest you contact them and see there is a way to import it. I would also recommend you to go through the below blog,

DroneLogBook has sent me back your way - do you know where Pix4D Capture stores the “DJI TXT Logs”? DLB is saying they should be in the DJI folder that was created on my phone by P4D, but I am not seeing what would be useful for getting it into DLB website.