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Airdata flight records

Having just bought a sequoia to go on a dji p4p , I can see straight away that I will have to use DroneDeploy for the flight planning because I am able to sync my flight telematics straight to Airdata.
Because in my PFCO I use Airdata to record all my flight logs , times locations and battery history.
Is Pix4Dcapture likely anytime soon likely to be offering this option. It seams a no brainier.

I was just looking at skyward and it works with drone deploy as well. I don’t like drone deploy but it would be nice for pix4d to work with one of the data logging services for managing fleets.

@John and @Jason,

We noticed that there is already a post on this topic and that @Adam mentioned that this was requested from Airdata.

At this point, I would recommend contacting Airdata directly and ask them about the progress. 

On Android, the files are normally located in the Pix4D folder in the internal memory of the device. The path to the Pix4D folder is: …\device_name\Internal storage\Pix4D. 

For iOS, files can be extracted after connecting the device to the computer using iTunes. They are located in the Projects folders.

Let me know if you need some more information about the files that Pix4Dcapture produces.




I have had a read of the problems crew are facing with the syncing of flight logs. some things i have noticed in the last few weeks whilst flying.

Inspire 1 Pro x5 camera


  1. Great to plan with before going to site, and tells you if the flight is too large.
  2. Separate plans and able to see the overlap is great.
  3. Battery swap has never worked for me
  4. Camera faces the right direction…
  5. Runs well
  6. Lack of any usable flight logs for data systems


  1. Not as clean to use, have sat on the ground trying to work out why it wont fly… make the mission a bit smaller and off the drone goes. But no real indication if to large.
  2. Making a copy of the plan after flight is a pain, maybe i am doing it wrong but the Android project seems good.
  3. Battery swap… never worked, but i take control when the mission is complete to get home and low quick.
  4. Camera is set at and odd direction?
  5. Runs well.
  6. Flight logs are good.

I now have to show a flight plan previously flown in Android and it will not run in Airdata UAV as Android file are no good. This needs sorting out ASAP!

Overall the system is great and reliable, knowing that you will have a good map at the end of the job, over some other apps.