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Export DJIFlightRecord from SDK_logs

My team is using Airdata to collect flight records from DJI drones, however we use managed iPads that can’t be plugged into laptops (can’t use iTunes to get data off iPads).

Can the native DJIFlightRecord from the SDK_logs folder be included in the bundle of files that can be shared from the app? (Found in Project List -> open project -> share).

Airdata’s app is able to sync flight data directly from DJI’s GO 4 app. They provide workaround steps for Pix4D and other apps, but we can’t do this on our managed iPads.


Hi Michael,

The only way to access those logs files generated by the Pix4Dcapture app is by following the same workaround explained in the above-linked article. You won’t be able to export it directly from the app. We also don’t have any plans to do that for the moment.