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Exporting GCP and CCP Error from Pix4d to table/csv/txt

Would anyone have any suggestion on how to export estimates of GCP/CCP error from the quality report in a text/csv or table? IE the tables in Geolocation details.
I’ve had a look through the params folder and it doesn’t seem to be there.


Hi @marcio.dasilva,

What I can suggest as a workaround, is to convert the .pdf to word format by using an online tool and from there you can copy-paste the table to an excel sheet. This way you can save it as a .csv or .txt file.

I hope you find this helpful.


This isn’t any different then just copying pasting from pdf to word/txt/csv, which falls over as it is not a systematically spaced table within the pdf (IE spaces between words, no commas between columns etc.)

Could you please think about including the reports from the quality report as an additional output within the params? This is very important for accurate precision maps because each point has spatially variant error and averaged estimates are sub-optimal.

What has worked better, is to use adobe to ‘export to’ spreadsheet. This carries the table over to a csv with its formatting.

Hi @marcio.dasilva

We do not provide the tables in plain text.
I can suggest going to the [ProjectFolder] > 1_initial > report > html folder and open the index.html file with notepad, notepad++ or any similar software.
From here you will have access to the original values.

You can also open the index.html file directly with your default browser and copy/paste the table from here, the tables should appear correctly spaced when pasted to a txt file.

If you want to request it as a new feature, feel free to open a thread here: