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Exporting Functions NOT AVAILABLE at the Model Edition!!!

I am currently using the Pix4D model edition, as I intend to have accurate 3D models for reference in creating as-build building plans, using GCP`s on building projects.

However, I found out that the most basic exporting functions of the generated results are “not available” in the model edition.

Simple functions, like the export of the polylines created, or the surface created, should be included !!

I do not care about the exporting of the 3d point cloud -even if I think that even that should be available-, but the unavailability of exporting the polylines and the surfaces actually makes the program unusable for the purpose that it states that it is designed…

I realize the need of pricing properly a product, but since I need the Model edition for what your company states (creating accurate 3d models) then it is VERY disappointing to see that it does not permit any usage of the data created, outside of the desktop`s platform of the program!

So I should buy the Mapper edition just for exporting the data of the 3d model, even thought I do not need any DSM or orthofotomap functions??

It is actually a poor market decision, that for me that I am new at photogrammetry, discourages me from investing anymore money and time at a product that does not support simple export functions at the data it creates…

I hope that this message makes Pix4D rethink of this, and that they include the export function of the 3d Model at the Model edition…

Babis Loutsetis,
a Civil Engineer from Greece…

Hi Babis,

It has already been replied to you personally, but I would to share the answer here.

The export of point clouds is not available with Pix4Dmodel. Only the export of 3D meshes:

If you require this feature you need to upgrade to Pix4Dmapper.