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Export Dsm File to Revit

How would I be able to export a point cloud to a dsm file to use in cad software such as Revit?

Point clouds and DSM are different things…and Revit is BIM, not CAD, so it is difficult to answer your question.  Modeling in Revit is a totally different animal than simply importing points.

Maybe somebody else here is doing DSM to Revit in their workflow but that is definitely not how I am using Revit so I don’t know your purpose.

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I do not have experience with Revit. However, Pix4D exports the points cloud in different file formats. It also exports the DSM as a raster geotiff file and as a vector xyz, las, or laz file

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Christina and I just went over some this stuff in one of my posts, let me see if I can throw this out there…

I am a pix4d, licensed drone pilot with a surveying/civil engineering company as well as having my own business designing residential and light commercial buildings. I am also a certified 3d laser scanner technician and very familiar with point clouds, revit, and civil 3d.

What we have done in the past as well as the present, is to process the files and export the DTM (for surveying), and a point cloud for modeling into revit or civil 3d. once the point cloud has been exported as an LAS file, we then bring into recap and save it as a recap file. from there, we use or attach a recap file (which is a smaller file than the LAS) to use in cad and easier to handle than the LAS file. large LAS files can be cumbersome and bog down cad.

My previous post was asking Christina who has shed some light on the subject was to find a way to export the pix4d point cloud and mesh overlay in a quality format to visually see in cad as we do in pix4d.


anyway, hope my 2 cents helps out. 

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Recap is a problem…losing tons of detail.  You need a real solution to work with full density point clouds in Revit and it isn’t Autodesk or Bentley.