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error reading camera: invalid height

After reoptomiziing a project I go to generate the quality report and get the following error: 

[Error]: Loading camera image vector from ‘MyProjectPath/1_initial/project_data/result_cameras_full_1.p4b’ failed: error reading camera: invalid height


How do I correct this so that I can generate the quality report. This only happens after I do a Original image Size on Keypoints Image Scale options. If I do Rapid processing I do not get this error message. 




Hi Derek,

 In order to assist you in the most efficient manner could you please send me the following items:

  1. Your Pix4D Quality Report
  2. The log file for this project
  3. A screenshot of the error when it appears.

Was this project processed on the Cloud or on your desktop? Once you get back to me with more information we can start troubleshooting this issue.

Derek Today at 07:51

#1) The error occurs before the quality report can be generated. Initial processing completes but the quality report cannot be generated, the error occurs after “generate quality report” is clicked.

#2) Is there a way to transfer the log to you, my email provider says it’s too large to attach. 46,243KB.

#3) attached.


Processing via desktop.


Thank you.



Hey Derek,

 Try running your initial processing and unclicking the “generate quality report” then under Process, you can Generate Quality report separately. You mentioned if you try Rapid processing option it works fine, but if you use the default option you are getting an error. You may also try to manually change the processing parameters to make it work. Moreover from my understanding your error is about  “reading camera: invalid height” so I would also check the Image Properties Editor under Project tab, and make sure after re-optimization the camera settings are still correct. What are you trying to generate as your final output? A point cloud? An orthomosaic?