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Error e9036

Hello guys,

I’m getting this error in almost all projects:

“Error e9036:  GDAL error <4> `H:/ project name /voo01/2_densification/project_data/voo01_texture.jpg’ does not exist in the file system, and is not recognized as a supported dataset name.”

Do you know what it means and why it happens?


Diego Álvares

Hello Diego,

Could you please provide us so that we can investigate in details:

  • Steps you performed before receiving the error.
  • The quality report: …\Project_name\1_initial\report\Project_name_report.pdf
  • The project log file: …\Project_name\Project_name.txt
  • The project file (.p4d): …\Project_name.pd4

Could you also confirm that you processed with the latest version of Pix4D desktop (3.1.18 on Windows or 3.0.13 on Mac)? 

Please submit a support request with all the information above by following this link

Best Regards, 

I have the same. Can you please give an outline why might happen?

I have also the same trouble with sample datas (bebop house and dji demo) when i create project, import picture and generate 3D mesh

The same error here 

[Error]: Error e9036: GDAL error <1> latitude or longitude exceeded limits


Just upgrade to the new version but it does not work…

I have also the same problem,


[Error]: Error e9036: GDAL error <4> `E:/map_example/example/2_densification/project_data/example_texture.jpg’ does not exist in the file system,
[Error]: and is not recognized as a supported dataset name.

Hi I am using Pix4D Discovery 3.1.18 desktop (windows)

I am getting this error when I start processing

[Error]: Error e9036: GDAL error <1> latitude or longitude exceeded limits

Please help!





Hi all,

Actually this error code is more a warning for the developers. It is not an indicator of good or bad processing.
It is something that should be hidden or more like a warning (in orange instead or red). At the moment it is kind of misleading for the users. This error message should be investigated only if the user experiences a crash or bug.

Is it your case? Are you able to load all the results properly in the different view (rayCloud, Mosaic Editor…)?
Do you notice anything wrong when the processing of all steps is 100% completed?

If so, please send us a request with details about your project, together with the log file that you can find here:


I’m receiving this error code as well but getting two different ones [Error]: Error e9036:  GDAL error <1> latitude or longitude exceeded limits and [Error}: Error e9036: GDAL error <1> Reprojection failed, err = -14, further errors will be suppressed on the transform object. I received these errors after I’ve done all the process and did all the volumes for the pile and went back to the rayCloud tab after doing the volumes and the image was black and when I switch to the map tab I get the earth satellite map which I would have to zoom in to see my camera shots but that’s the only thing from my process that I’m able to view now. I can click on the Volumes tab and my volumes are still there and still calculate the stockpiles but nothing is visible (attached a screenshot of this)


Hi,  i downloaded desktop version from your website and i tried to test your sample project. Again same error. And when i read above  comments, support team has no clear solution.


same, when i´m trying to get the volumes of the stockpiles. When i try to reopen he gives me the world map and i need to zoom in…

I have this error too.

Dear all,

The latitude or longitude exceeds limits error is an error from the GDAL library. It seems to appear in the Map View when some object needs to be wrapped around the edges of the map. We are logging this feedback and will see if we can change this behavior in future releases. 

For the volumes view, it is likely that the project view is not pointed at the project itself. You can go in the rayCloud and focus on an Automatic Tie Point (select Automatic Tie points in the left side bar and press the “f” key (for focus)). This should display the project and the project will also be displayed in the Volumes tab. 

Best regards,

Hi All 

I have this issue too, it only appeared when i changed my Camera Calibration settings.

[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL error <1> latitude or longitude exceeded limits

Please can you assist me with suggestions.

thank you


The message you copied and pasted is a warning message that should not have any effect on the project. Did the software crash? Did you notice any issues with the end results? If yes, please share a link to the .log file of the project stored on a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Something you could check is if the correct image coordinate system is selected in Project > Image Properties Editor, under Image Geolocation make sure that the Coordinate System corresponds to the image geolocation.