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Error e0706d

I encountered this problem. What should I do?

Hi @pion2649,

I see that you also contacted us via email and an agent has responded to you.
Please take a look at your emails.


I have the same problem, How can I solve it?

Hi @geomatics.solutions19,

Thank you for your interest in our Pix4D products.

Unfortunately, we can offer a trial license for our Pix4D products for a limited time and we have been notified that you have requested multiple trial licenses using other Pix4D accounts in the past.

We understand that you would like to learn more, so we ask you to consider taking advantage of PIX4Ddiscovery or a 30-day rental to one of our products. Please keep in mind that each Pix4D license is a floating license, which allows you to activate Pix4D applications on as many devices as the number of seats included with your license. For more information about licensing, please visit Pix4D Store or contact our Sales team.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and interest and look forward to you using Pix4D products in the future.