Email Confirmation Problem for Free Trial Acces

I am currently in a Pix4D training class and attempted to sign up for a free trial. I made it through the signup process to the point where I was supposed to receive a confirmation email. I never received anything. Now the signup screen says there is a problem with my email address. The address is correct and my email is functioning normally. I can access my account page, but it’s not fully functional without receiving email confirmation. When I attempt to resend the confirmation email, the site says it could not. I cannot complete this class without access to the software.

Officer Jason Peattie #835
Carrollton Police Department

Hello Jason,

Our system shows that we sent 7 emails on Nov 7.
Would you please check if the security system or antivirus software is blocking us?
In the meantime, I manually created the trial license under your account; you should be able to use the PIX4Dmapper now.

Kind regards,