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[Error]: Error e9039: Some result files or folders are already opened. Close all opened result files and file explorer windows and start processing again.


I am getting this error after step 1, and it then stops processing step 2. It will continue processing if i click process, but this is annoying as it means i have to sit and wait for it to do step 1…

there are no folders open so i dont know why i am getting this error??

Hi Darren, 

Do you have this error with several projects?
Does it happen every time you process the project? 
Normally this error happens when viewing a result after a processing step, or if a window of the file explorer is open. The fact that you can run the processing of step 2 without changing anything seems to indicate that the files were already closed. 

Could you share a log file of one or several projects where this happened? If possible, you can share a link to a file sharing service with the files. Maybe there is some more information in these. Thanks!