DXF Contours Missing Elevation Data

I was having a difficult time getting Contour Labels to appear in AutoCAD after importing from Pix4D. Mark Blacklin kindly helped out to ensure that my maps were based from the same datum but I couldn’t get the labels to display on the DXF file, even though it was clearly based on z-space elevation data. 

What I was able to find was in the processing of a project it threw-up a GDAL error (see log in the attached picture) to inform that the ID and Elevation data were not included. This would explain why, in QGIS, I could only get Elevation data from the *.shp file and not the *.dxf, despite both showing the same contour lines.

In AutoCad Civil 3D (2018) I’ve now been able to get contour labels appearing, but only when using MAPIMPORT to access the shape contours. Is anybody else seeing this and, if so, does it make the DXF contour files a waste of time?

The eagle-eyed of you will spot the two very separate colour spaces in this project. It’s great that Pix4D locks the camera settings for each mission, as is necessary when stitching photos together. Can anyone with the Android Capture app confirm that it is possible to lock the camera settings in the multiple battery missions?  This is not possible with the iOS app I used, as far as I can find, at least.

You’ll need to build a TIN surface in Civil 3D, and use the Pix4D contours as part of the definition, and then label that TIN surface. There are probably LISP routines out there as well that will directly label the DXF contours.

Jaimie - sorry for the dropped phone call. Please email me at mark@blacklinconsulting.com so I can help you out.