DSM/point cloud tiered on merged project

We’ve flown an eBee with a Sequoia sensor in a wetland in the Great Lakes with consistent elevation. When merging the projects we get a tiered dsm/point cloud. The flights were flown in succession within a 2 hour period. 

We used GCP’s in the western area and I created manual tie points in the eastern half with existing lidar data. 


Here in the merge project, data, and outputs. - https://umich.box.com/s/mwsdrkq7jdf8mh1dqe2unqbuhqa3i0gm



Hi Jason,

Thank you for attaching the link to the files, it made it easier to investigate the case!

Looking at the quality report we can see that there are multiple blocks created and the subprojects were not successfully merged into one big project (different colors). The “blocks” could be the root cause of the issue you are facing since the flights are not properly connected. 

At the moment I would recommend:

  • Adding common GCPs (How to include GCPs in the project) and/or Manual Tie Points (How to import and mark Manual Tie Points (MTPs)) on each subproject. The GCPs and/or Manual Tie Points should be homogeneously distributed in the common area of the subprojects. There should be at least three common GCPs and/or common MTPs marked on each subproject.
  • After the GCPs/MTPs are introduced, perform the merging procedure again.
  • Increasing the overlap between the flights in order to have a common area in both of the subproject. 

Let us know how it goes,