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Drift in RayCloud pictures

Does anyone know why the images start to drift in the raycloud but not in the Map View?
From the Map View, it looks correct and is over the right spot but not in the raycloud
When the ortho is made, it is off at this location.
GCP are being used.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Jacob,

The reason why you are not able to see the drift is that only initial (imported) positions of images are displayed in the Map View.

On the other hand, rayCloud displays both initial (blue) and computed (green) position.

Could you give me some more information about the project you are processing? For example, do you use Ground Control Points (GCPs) or you rely only on the image geolocation to georeference the project?
If you have a quality report, please send it over so I can get an overview of processing.

I was actually able to solve it by doing Rematch and Optimize for the initial processing. Not sure exactly my that snapped it to the right location but it did.

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