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Double Grid Mission with Inspire 1 Pro / X5s

I am planning a Double Grid Mission to map a construction site in a city. I am a little concerned that a visual flight will not be possible as there will be buildings between me and the drone. Visual flight is mandatory (eye-to-drone-contact, not just FPV on the monitor).

The idea is to stand on the roof and also start the mission from the roof (about 20 m above ground). When I turn on the drone on the roof it will say it’s at 0 m. If I wanted to run the mission 15 m above the roof top it will be 35 m above ground. Which altitude counts here referring to the flight setup in Pix4DCapture?

When the drone flies over the roof’s edge, will it drop down -20 m or keep the altitude of 15 m from the take off position?

Does anyone understand my question? :joy:


The drone’s flight plan altitude is referenced from its home position. So if you want to fly 35m above ground level (not the roof level), you will need to set the flight plan altitude to 15m.

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Thanks Andrew, I thought so, too but wasn’t sure. When I start from the ground level and the drone flies over any objects (buildings, trees…) it won’t go up and down either.