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Do you need to install CUDA for using the GPU?

I’ve read that “If a GPU with CUDA support is automatically detected, it will be automatically used for processing”, so, does that mean that somehow pix4d installs CUDA or, having already installed CUDA, then pix4d will use the GPU? On a computer with no CUDA installed, I checked the Process > Processing options and it did reconize the device.

Hey Elio,

You will not need to install CUDA separately, the driver is what lets you access all of your NVIDIA’s card latest features, including support for CUDA.

You can simply go to NVIDIA’s Driver Download page, where you can select your operating system and graphics card, and you can download the latest driver.

Which GPU are you using? 

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Well my concern was if i would get better performance if i installed CUDA, so, apparently, i’ve always been using parallel processing on the GPU, even before having installed CUDA,

I’m on a GTX geforce 1050,

thank you Marili

Since you can see that the CUDA is detected on the Processing Options > Resources and Notifications, then indeed you have been taking advantage of it already :-).

GTX 1050 is a very good GPU! 

Happy mapping.