Performance without dedicated GPU

GPU price is skyrocketing due to cryptocurrencies hype. I can’t justify spending my limited resource into it. I read some articles in this website, I understand CPU is the main variable.
My questions are :

  1. Assuming every other variables are constant, how much % longer my rendering will be without a discrete GPU?
  2. Can Pix4D utilize Ryzen’s integrated GPU? If not then consider this a request, please make future pix4D supports not just Cuda of Nvidia, buat AMD’s Ryzen APU too.

Thanks in advance sir.


Pix4Dmapper is compatible with any GPU that is compatible with OpenGL 3.2 or above . That means that Pix4Dmapper should work with low performances Intel integrated graphics card HD 4000 and above. However, for faster processing, Pix4Dmapper also uses GPUs’ processing power compatible with Nvidia CUDA 9.1 and above (with the latest drivers installed). That allows increasing the performance in Pix4Dmapper, especially during Step 1 Unfortunately, we cannot use the AMD technology to speed up the processing as we can with CUDA. To better advice on the processing time, could you tell me how big your datasets will be? 1k - 5k or >5k of images?