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Can Pix4d desktop support GPU of AMD?

My GPU: AMD Radeon R7 200
Windows7 64bit

Ram:16 GB

Can my GPU working on Pix4D Desktop?

Now,I can’t process by use my GPU.

Can I fix it?

Thank you




Pix4D software takes advantages of CUDA processing. The minimum requirements for CUDA speed up:
Nvidia GPU (GTX, Mobile, Tesla, Titan, Quadro) with at least 2GB RAM, supporting CUDA 6.5 with the latest driver installed

If a GPU with CUDA support is automatically detected, it will be automatically used for processing.

Best Regards, 


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Thank you sir. :slight_smile:

You should definetly support AMD; Vega and high end RX or Firepro are the new standard and users are migrating to other photogrammetry software due to this. Thanks


Hi Enrique,

Pix4D supports all of the standard graphics cards in the market although the recommendation is Nvidia as it makes use of the CUDA technology.


Hi Daniel,

       cant you try supporting VUDA, Vulkan or OpenCL so that all hardware is supported ? because currently you are throwing us to the sharks having us stuck with Nvidia’s Overpriced cards and monopolistic tactics

please consider an open source acceleration system

Thank you 

Hello Hassan,

We only support CUDA for now because these are the most popular GPUs on the market.

We may consider broader support in the future.

Thank you for sharing your feedback.