Integrated Intel's GPU vs Dedicated Nvidia's GPU for Pix4DMapp

I bought a new pc with a intel i9 13900k for post processing, but this just have integrated graphics, is there a big difference in the processing time between using a dedicated graphic or an integrated one? i’ll probably buy a RTX 3060, but i need to clear my doubts.

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Though PIX4Dmapper is compatible with any GPU that is compatible with OpenGL 3.2 or above (for integrated graphics cards Intel HD 4000 or above), for faster processing, PIX4Dmapper also uses the processing power of GPUs that are compatible with Nvidia CUDA 9.1 and above (with the latest drivers installed). This allows for increasing the performance in PIX4Dmapper especially during step 1 and with large projects. That is why we recommend using a GPU that is compatible with CUDA.

We also team up with our partner called Puget Systems to test hardware when using our product. Feel free to check their articles out. Here I attach a combination of our articles and their articles regarding to GPU with PIX4Dmapper.

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