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Why doesn't Pix4D recognize my graphics card?

I have a Dell M6800 mobile workstation computer with an Nvidia K5100M graphics card. For some reason, Pix4D is not recognizing this card, which results in slower processing times. How can I get Pix4D to recognize my video card?

Hello Mark,

It may be related to not having updated the drivers, you need to update the drivers of the GPU and ensure that the new drivers are compatible with OpenGL 3.2 or above.

In order to be able to use for step 2, it has to support CUDA 6.5.

If a GPU with CUDA support is automatically detected, it will be automatically used for processing adn it is automatically selected in the processing options by clicking Process > Options… > Resources.

For more information:


there is no info as Cuda 6.5 what is your criteria?

Hello Mark,

The support with cuda 6.5 comes for Compute capability (version) 2.0 or above, so your graphic card should be able to be used.

You need to ensure that you use the latest drivers of the graphic card and that they support cuda.