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Do you guys have experience with columns\pillars?

I’m asked to make a map and one of the building has these columns. I already imagine that it will be a pain making them. Should I make just a lot of photoes? Or Ill just have to correct them manually? 

If what you mean by map is an orthomosaicthen the pillars should not be an issue as the images are usually taken from nadir (above the building) in this use case. 

If you want to create an orthophoto of the facadewith the pillars then I would make a vertical grid flight pointing the camera straight to the facade or slightly downwards. Pointing the camera downwards can help avoid some noise in the model, because it will not include as much sky at the top of the building. You could use the free flight mode in Pix4Dcapture, you can set horizontal and vertical distances at which the camera is automatically triggered, so that you can only focus on the flying part. Note that it is better to have some experience with flying drones to do this. One point to take into account is to have a similar distance to the building throughout the flight so that the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) is similar, which will result in a more homogeneous reconstruction. For the overlap, I would recommend the classic 75% frontal and 60% side overlap, as here.

If you want to reconstruct each pillar for a 3D model I would try to acquire images around each pillar or at least from both sides of them. Maybe have a look at this flight plan and see if it is feasible in your setting. Otherwise, you could try to make a grid pattern with oblique cameras, so as to capture more of the sides of the pillars. 

Looking forward to hearing more about your project! It will help to give more detailed advice. 

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Yeah, I need to reconstruct each pillar for a 3D model. The flight plan that you provided is not possible in my condition. So the best way is to make photoes of both sides of the pillars? 

Sorry Vadim! I only see your reply now. 

How did you proceed with the flight plan? Were you able to do the 3D model?

If you take photos from exactly opposites sides of the pillars, then you have the risk that there is no overlap between both sides, which means that the reconstruction will not be able to connect both sides together. That is why I suggested oblique images, which should help to get as much from the pillar as possible from one side.