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Plans for structure scan missions?

Circular missions are very useful to reconstruct monuments and buildings in 3D. However, in many cases they do not adjust correctly to the geometries of said constructions.
It would be very interesting to be able to have a new type of mission, in the style of an polygon mission in which the flight height and the angle of taking the images as well as the overlap were defined. Perhaps a mean horizontal distance to the building must be indicated too.
This type of mission begins to exist in other tools.

Do you have any plans to develop such missions in the Pix4DCapture application?

Hi Miguel, 

Thanks for your interest in Pix4D software solutions.  I’m happy to report that we have just such a tool already, it is called Free Flight.  You set the Horizontal and Vertical offset for Images to be captured every X meters/feet.  This allows for very convenient data collection while flying oddly shaped projects or projects that involve areas that are not well suited to more automated flight like close confines that would be inappropriate to fly an automated mission in.  You can learn more about Pix4Dcapture free flight here.

Thank you

I already know the possibility of performing free missions indicating horizontal and vertical distances for all images. But this implies handling the equipment in manual mode. The question was whether they have planned to design a mission similar to this in automatic, parameterizing distance and perimeters, as well as flight height.