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DJI Zenmuse XT2 Support in PIx4Dcapture.


Ive upgraded our camera from the XT to the XT2. Do you know when you will add support for capturing images using the PIX4D software for both thermal and RGB on the XT2?


Hello Duncan,

I assume you refer to this camera.

The camera Zenmuse XT2 is not supported by Pix4Dcapture and we are not planning to implement it in our software at the moment. However, the latest versions of Pix4Dcapture are integrating the DJI SDK 4.6 which introduce support for XT2 camera.
It might work if you use the XT2 camera with the latest version of Pix4Dcapture but we can not make any guarantee about it.


Dear Gael (Pix4D),

I think what Duncan and I would like to know is whether both cameras are triggered during the flight?  The xt2 has the advantage that it can simultaneously take RGB and thermal IR images which is terrific because flying twice is takes more time and batteries and lining up the RGB and thermal IR mosaics, is much easier.

Do you know if, when the program triggers a photo, both cameras fire?



Hi Shahid,

As explained in my previous comment, the Zenmuse XT2 is not supported by our software for the moment and we did not have the chance to test it with Pix4Dcapture. Then, we don’t know if it will work or not, even if we assume that some workarounds are possible.
Any feedback from users is very valuable to see if it is possible to make it work.

For Android, Dan Yakir, one of our user seems to have succeeded to make it work triggering both cameras by applying the following method:

  1. In the manufacturer app (DJI Pilot), I set a timelapse with 2s intervals, then quit the app 
  2. Connect Pix4Dcapture, set overlap to 90% because of the narrow FOV of the 19mm XT2 lens.
  3. Start the mission 
  4. When the drone reaches the starting point of the mission, I push the trigger button on the remote. This starts the timelapse 
  5. When the drone reaches the end point of the mission, I push the trigger button on the remote again. This stops the timelapse 
  6. The camera lands, and the images can be processed in Pix4D without any problems.

on iOS, we suggest the following workaround to see if it can work:

Workaround 1: 

  • In DJI manufacturer app, set a timelapse if the option is available. It won’t be possible to make it work if the option is not available.
  • Quit the manufacturer application, open Pix4Dcapture and set a custom camera. The important step is to have the same timelapse defined in Pix4Dcapture and in the manufacturer app.
  • Start the mission.
    Note that you will have to activate a time-lapse in the drone manufacturer app as the camera cannot be controlled by Pix4Dcapture. Some settings may have to be modified to trigger the timelapse from the remote controller and stop it like on Android.

Workaround 2:

  • Using Safe mode and defining the custom camera (without defining any time-lapse), pictures might be triggered automatically at the defined waypoints.

Any feedback welcome!


Hi Shahid,

Note that to set up the Zenmuse XT2, you really need the DJI Pilot app. With it, you can set up all the infrared parameters too. Once set up, they are stored in the camera, meaning that you don’t need to use the app after that and you can just use Pix4Dcapture.

Thank you Dan for the extra explanations.

Note: With the new DJI API, pix4Dmapper seems to now automatically take the images when flying. No need to set up the camera to take a picture every 2s. However, if you have a camera with a different lens than the standard, the overlap may not be accurate

I tried this approach on one flight and there were no pictures taken. I am using a M600Pro with a XT2 13mm. During flight it looked like it was working (camera was pointing straight down) but there were no pictures on the SD card. Has that approach worked for anyone?