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DJI P3P drone speed is always max

Hello Pix4D


I’ve noticed that our P3P does not obey the assigned speed selected (slow, medium, fast) while flight planning, ie it always tries to fly with the max speed of 10m/s. Has anyone else encountered this? Haven’t tried the 3.3.0 vers yet with this




Hi cadm8,

We couldn’t reproduce your issue with our P3P (firmware 1.9.60) and Capture 3.3.0. The selected speed in the settings effectively affects the drone speed during the mission as expected.

To be able to better investigate your issue, we would need some more information:

  • Is this happening for every mission you tried to fly?

  • This applies also when using Android version 3.3?

  • Firmware version of your P3P

  • Device used and Android version installed

  • Mission parameters (dimensions, altitude, overlap)



Hello and thank you for the time. Today I’ve flown with the new version 3.3 and the P3P is a 1.9.6 and it seems that the speed limit is being obeyed. I’ve set it to medium speed and it actually uses a medium speed (about 6m/s). I’ve checked this during the time that it flies a long double grid line and it doesn’t seem to try to go at 10m/s! So I’m hoping that the problem is solved by the collaboration of the new version 3.3 and the firmware update!




We’re happy that now the drone flight behaviour works as expected. 

Best regards

Hi, I’ve tried again today, works OK, what I’m guessing is that there is little difference speed wise when selecting between medium and high speed, but that of course is a completely minor detail! Thank you for the great app!



Dear Mattia

Unfortunately, the problem has reappeared. It seems to be happening only in missions that will drain the battery (16-17min flights for the P3P). Even when you select the lowest speed, the drone doesn’t obey it, it seems that it chooses a random speed (while planning) in order to complete the mission? I really can’t get a specific pattern. I’ve tried selecting only the lowest speed and still this can be 5, 7, or maybe 9 m/s. In shorter missions the speed limit seems to be obeyed!

Many thanks!

Dear cadm8,

When you say “selecting only the lowest speed and still this can be 5, 7 or maybe 9 m/s”, are you referring to the same mission (dimension, altitude and overlap) flown multiple times or to different missions with different parameters?


Hi, it is happening within different missions of the same project. It goes like this; You plan a mission that goes for 16-17 min and select the lowest speed. When the mission is executed, the speed will be 7-8 m/s, always. We’re on the latest firmware for the P3P and also for the app (3.3.1). My last thought is to a try with a new project created with the 3.3.1, in case there is some sort of incompatibility. I didn’t have the chance to try that, as we were in the process of concluding a previous project.

Hi cadm8,

To be able to investigate the reported issue, It would be useful for us to know these parameters for one specific mission where you observed the speed selection not to be honoured:

  • Mission dimensions

  • Overlap

  • Altitude

Note that depending on the overlap and the altitude you select when planning your mission, the maximum speed your drone can reach will change and so will the minimum speed. Since the camera of your drone can capture one image only every N seconds, we have to make sure that your drone will not fly too fast for guaranteeing the expected distance between images for the selected overlap and altitude.

High, medium and slow speed don’t have to be considered as absolute values. The higher will be the calculated maximum speed, the higher will be the minimum speed the drone will obey when you select it.

e.g. with P3P:

50m and 80% overlap, fast: 6.5 m/s

50m and 80% overlap, slow: 4.9 m/s

100m and 80% overlap, fast: 10 m/s

100m and 80% slow, slow: 6.5 m/s

50m and 70% overlap, fast: 9.8 m/s


Dear Mattia


Thank you for your reply, I think your last part answers my questions-observations fully! These last flights have been at an 80m altitude with 70% overlap, double grid, so the observed low speed is quite close to what you 're referring. Is there a formula you’re calculating your data you could provide, in order to run some speed scenarios? 


Thank you for your time