DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise compatibility

I am looking at the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise. Will i have any problem using this drone’s controller with an iPad and the Pix4D capture app??

Pix4d Capture infelizmente não suporta o Mavic 3…

I didn’t realize that this drone uses the DJI Smart Controller. I’m guessing I would just download the Pix4D Capture app onto the Smart Controller?

Hi @Allen_Johnson ,

Unfortunately, PIX4Dcapture doesn’t support the DJI Smart controller.

On the other hand our another image acquisition app PIX4Dscan although at the moment it is also not expecting compatibility with DJI Smart Controller anytime soon, the good news is we do aim to add support for Mavic 3 Enterprise to PIX4Dscan as the supported drone.

On another note, PIX4Dscan is already compatible with the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise if you happened to be using one.

For more information about compatibility of drones, cameras, and controllers please visit (also they are being updated often):
Supported drones, cameras and controllers - PIX4Dscan
Supported drones, cameras and controllers - PIX4Dcapture

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Thank you!

Good morning Rosana!

Is there any timeline available as when the mavic 3 enterprise will be added as supported? And will that support the mavic 3 thermal as well?

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Hi @paulwisen

I just respond to your question in another post. I will post it again here my response.

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a timeline.
But once it is supported, it will be immediately updated in our Supported drones, camera, and controllers articles here and the release notes.

Supported drones, cameras, and controllers - PIX4Dscan
Supported drones, cameras, and controllers - PIX4Dcapture

Technical release notes (Android) - PIX4Dscan
Release notes (Android) - PIX4Dcapture

Technical release notes (iOS) - PIX4Dscan
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The Mavic 3 Enterprise does not use the DJI Smart Controller. It uses a proprietary DJI RC Pro Enterprise Version for the controller. I do not believe you can add 3rd party software like Pix4D, Litchie, DroneDeploy etc…

Hi all,

PIX4Dcapture Pro is available for download!

Please check the complete list of compatible devices in our Supported Drones, Cameras, and Controllers support article. The latest drones added are the DJI Mavic 3E and DJI Mavic 3T, but I’m afraid that, for the moment, the DJI Mavic 3 is not yet compatible.

Please note that PIX4Dcapture Pro is available to all Pix4D users with a paid Pix4D license or active trial license (Perpetual licenses need to have an active S&U).

I hope this helps!

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Has anybody successfully used Pix4Dcapture Pro with a Mavic 3E?

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Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue.

DJI’s SDK for the Mavic 3 Enterprise series and Matrice 300 RTK drones has a bug which prevents them from correctly locating the remote controller. Because the remote controller’s location is necessary for DJI to comply with the FAA’s Remote ID requirements, the drone is not able to take off. We have made DJI aware of the issue, and they have indicated that they will introduce a fix in the next SDK release, which remains currently unscheduled.

In the meantime, we recommend that users first takeoff with their aircraft using DJI Pilot 2 before killing DJI Pilot 2 and launching PIX4Dcapture Pro. This also means that the RTK positioning will not be able to be enabled within the app since it is mandatory for the drone to be landed in order to do so.

We apologise for the inconvenience and look forward to releasing an update incorporating DJI’s fix as soon as they make it available.

I am also interested in this as I have recently been having issues with my P4RTK and was considering the M3E until I saw there is no option for double grid missions through DJI Pilot app. I also see Drone Deploy has options for RC controller upload and use but not sure if it can be used for the flight and then processed through Pix4D?

Hello @andrewross, You should be able to use any image acquisition app and still process the images using PIX4D’s software. The raw images should be saved on the SD card of the drone. You can copy it to your computer and use it with any photogrammetry software.

Has the bug preventing the locating of the controller been resolved?