Distance vs. time based pictures [Android]

how can I set the drone to take pictures based on distance rather than by time as when flying in strong winds it takes far more pictures in one direction (upwind) than it does when flying much faster downwind.

There are a number of workarounds, but none are efficient work-flows.

For instance: if your (Flight Controller) FC has a programmable output channel to a camera controller, or add another camera control system (software and/or hardware) that is controlled via ground base means like your transmitter or ground station. 

Sorry I missed it but which  FC system are you using?

we are currently using the pix4D capture with a  Mavic drone and so this is running thru Pix4D Ctrl+DJI

Hi Richard,

The solution would be to use the safe trigger mode in which the drone stops to take every picture and the way-points where to shoot are uploaded to the drone before starting the mission. However, this method significantly increases the flight time and is, unfortunately, today only available on iOS.

The only option on Android is thus the action to shoot a picture based on a time lapse. Adding the safe trigger mode is not currently in development but we will pass your query as a suggestion to the product management team, and it will be considered to be added to the application.

To minimize the impact of wind you could increase side and frontal overlap and keep flying parallel to the wind (if you fly perpendicular, the drone will drift from its trajectory, decreasing the side overlap)

If you follow these steps and are still having issues generating an accurate model then it is likely too windy for aerial image acquisition and you may want to try again another day when the weather is feeling more cooperative.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks a lot for the feedback,


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Richard, I am happy I found this thread. I am also an android user (paid subscriber to your platform) and I did a recent capture where my P4P kept flying and the photos takes was not consistent. Needless to say the photos are very blurry. 

I am also running the app with DJI’s Crystal sky which is android based and currently we do not own any IOS devices. I think it is important that this feature if implemented to android. 

However, I have to ask, how does an fixed wing take photos, or is able to take good sharp photographs while constantly moving.
Maybe its a matter of allowing us to adjust the shutter speed on the DJI drones via the capture app ?

‚ÄúThe only option on Android is thus the action to shoot a picture based on a time lapse.‚ÄĚ - Can this be set in the pix4d app if so where. Thank you.


If the images are blurry you can try reducing the speed of the flight or changing the camera settings in DJI GO app.

Changing the camera settings in DJI VISION, DJI GO, or DJI GO 4 should be effective in the Android app (only, not iOS for now) but it is not guaranteed as it was not extensively tested. It also depends on the drone, camera and type of mission. The aperture and exposure time are automatically set by DJI but can be adjusted and should be taken into account. These settings impact the sharpness of the image. More here.

The time-based triggering is the only option on Android at the moment and it is not possible to change it to, for example, distance-based triggering.