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Disable photos for better orthfacades

Hello, I am working on a project of archeology surveying in which I have processed step 2 and 3 with lots of photos and GCP’s. Except of the orthomosaic of all the area I need to create some orthofacades of the Walls. The project includes some oblique photos that are suitable for the generation of good orthofacades. My question here is: if I just disable the photos that I don’t need for my orthofacade (because they will probably have a bad impact on it) and not reprocess the step 2, will I have better results than using all the photos instead? I was told that I should better create a seperate project for the facades, but I was wondering if I can take advantage of the point cloud created of all the photos (in which all the GCPs are visible) and then use only the photos that I think are more suitable for the orthofacades or the orthomosaic.


Disabling an image after a processing step is complete has no impact on the project results except if it is reoptimized afterward. It is better to disable images before processing; however, you can try reoptimizing to see if it works. If the result does not achieve an expected quality, you may want to create a new project. For more information, please visit, How to remove Images from a Project. If step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh and step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index have been processed, their results files will be deleted so please do not forget to back up the files.

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Thank you very much for your response. It was very helpful!