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Difficult to use on the site with Pix4dCloud

I use Pix4dfield to generate the original layers and worked on the computer to find some potential issue and made some annotations. Then I upload to cloud.

Finally, I went to the field.

When I open the cloud on the cell phone. All marks lost their names and color, only shape left. Problem 1.

second problem,
When I open it, always show NDVI first, everytime, I have to cancel it.

Problem 3,
I use the current location to show me in the cloud, so I reach the exact location where the mark is. But the dot showing is under the orthomosaic layer. So I have to cancel showing the orthomosaic layer. Instead to use my newest layer, I have to use the outdate basemap. It totally doesn’t make sense.

Problem 4.
The current dot is shift away long long away. At the same time, I check the google map, the location is much accurate.

A Good product or software should be able to solve the real world problem. The cloud is very tool to use on the site. But it is far away to be really useful so far.

Even the Pix4dfield, all software I feel it is in a very early stage.

Anyone can share your story how to utilize these tools? Thank you.

attached pictures


Thank you for your feedback. We’ll keep it into consideration to make our applications more compatible.

We are aware of Problem 3 and its fix is planned in a coming release.

Could you instead elaborate on your second problem? I couldn’t totally understand what you mean. Could you add some screenshots to document the behavior? Thanks :slight_smile:

Please discharge the problem 2.

I repeat to log in many times, it didn’t always show the NDVI at the moment of log in.

Problem 1 is urgent.

For problem 4, maybe you want design a small mobile app to use the accurate location fuction. regarding problem 2, the layers displayed when you log in are the ones that were activated before logging out.

We’ll look into the other problems you reported as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback!

could you tell me how far is the location dot with respect to your real position? Do you have a screenshot or could you describe the order of magnitude of the error? Thank you :slight_smile:

The blue dot looks like jumping from current to 100ft even some time 1 mile away.

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