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Diff Coordinates between 2 subsets processing of same aquisition.

I have processed in Pix4DMapper approx. 300 ha and cropped each Field shapefile using mapcrop function from Matlab. The mapcrop uses the image data and the spatial reference of geotiff to perform correct coordinates crop. Later I have decided to divide 300 ha in each field size, like approx. 20 ~ 50 ha and I have processed them individually. The problem is the spatial reference of individual fields are diff. of the big one. The same shapefile coordinates has been shifted over map and the cropping process didnt fit the field properly.
What happened? The tile image coordinates was the same, I just have selected a subset of them.

Hello @agrientech,

I don’t have expertise in the Mapcrop function. However, if the coordinates were extracted from the images and divided uniformly then you should be able to crop the project correctly. I would suggest you to recheck your workflow.

If you are trying to subdivide the project, I would rather suggest you to use the Split a project option available in Pix4Dmapper. For more information, How to split a project into subprojects.