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[Desktop] [Pix4Dmapper Pro 3.2.23] Uploading non-geolocated images to cloud for processing

I have a project that I want to process by using cloud. The project has about 60+ photos and all of the photos are of one object that has been taken in various angles. To do this, my workflow has been like the following:

  1. Create [New Project]

  2. Add images

  3. On image property, since none of the photos are geolocated (taken with normal non-GPS camera), I changed the coordinate system to arbitrary. However I also tried known cooridnate system as well - just to what happen.

  4. On output coordinate system, I chose arbitrary coordinate system.

  5. On processing options template, I chose 3D maps. However I also tried 3D models as well.

  6. When I hit [upload project files], then the upload  doesnt go beyond 0% (when I chose 3D map for processing template] or 1% (when I chose 3D model), and if I leave the computer on uploading progress bar, soon the computer becomes extremly slow and then freezes.

Since I have sucessfully upload a project to cloud with geolocated drone images before, I am suspecting cloud processing does not work with non-geolocated images. Is my understanding on this matter correct? If so, is there any way to process non-geolocated images on pix4d?

Thank you for your answer.

Hi Haemin,

Projects without image geolocation can be fully processed on the Cloud. However, the orthomosaic generated might not be correctly oriented. For more information:

However, the issue might be related to the hardware. Have you tried to process your project locally? Please make sure that you have a stable connection and updated graphic card drivers.

Additionally, it is possible to upload images directly on the cloud: Note that when cloud interface is used to upload images, default templates are used.

If the issue persists, send us support request: