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Demo project file does not exist

Hii just downloaded and installed Pix4Dmapper Pro with a DEMO license. The problem here is that when i try to open the demo project, a window that says that the project file does not exist.


Hi Mauricio, 

Normally, the demo project is downloaded and installed the first time the software gets installed on a computer, so it is strange that it is not there. 

I tried to reproduce your issue by deleting the demo project from my computer. My demo project was stored on this path: C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\pix4d\tutorials\guided_tour

Here is how it went: when clicking on ‚ÄúDemo project‚ÄĚ on the front page of the software, the error message you mentioned pops-up:¬†¬†

At the same time, the click also triggered the download of the images of the demo project in the same folder as mentioned above: 

After, there is another pop-up, where you can click Cancel (except if you want to read more about the software, in which case I would encourage you to click Open):

Can you try to locate such a folder? Where images of the project would be stored.
If these images exist, I would suggest to create the demo project from scratch by using these images and following these steps: 

Note that there are also several example project datasets available for download here:

Let us know how this went :slight_smile:

Hello Mauricio,

There was an issue with the Demo project where we noticed that it was not properly installed. You can download the latest stable version 3.3.29 that you will find here: where the problem is fixed. 



Thank you very much! 

Is there a way to try the Demo again i very interested to try it, or the  different subscription fees please! 

You can find the different subscription fees on this link: 

Feel free to contact our Sales team at this email address if you have any questions related to the subscriptions: