Customer download of MAP Jpeg, high Resolution

If I send a share link to one of my customers to add their annotations and edits, the customer should be able to download a current copy of the project in either tiff or JPEG (both would be nice like in other mapping softwares).

While the screen shot is a nice feature - the resolution and quality is not at a standard for large presentations, such as in my projects/customers - A court oom. Screenshots are low resolution and blurry when enlarged or zoomed into.

If a customer who is sent the share link spends a lot of time doing measurements and such (my cases revolve around criminal and civil crash and incident scenes), the customer should be able to download themselves, and not have to return to the person who did the map and have them download a tiff and then convert it to a JPEG.

Hi @scenephoto360, we are taking notes about your feature request.
Something unclear to us is what you mean by “the customer should be able to download a current copy of the project in either tiff or JPEG”. Is it related to allowing the client to download the outputs of the project or something else?

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Hi - my understanding is I can share a map with a client and they can do measurements and mark it up with references and such and even save it. But then they can not download the map itself (as a full Jpeg or a tiff file) with or without their work on it, only do screen shots. The screen shot feature does not have the quality to be used in court.

Hi @scenephoto360,

Thanks for your reply. This feature will soon be available through our latest platform, “Organization portal”. The product team is still working on it, but you will be able to manage through roles the access and the actions of your clients in the projects.
You can get more information in the following articles:

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