Curved output after initial processing using same parameters as day before

220828-islandB-Geoid2008_applied_report.pdf (920.6 KB)
220909_IslandA_coastline_report.pdf (815.0 KB)
We fly in 2 different areas, and we process on the same way, attached you will see the report for both days.

Day 28 of August, results was between our tolerances.

Day 09 of September, after the initial processing, we got a curved output.Reading the topics in pix4d web site, we saw that this issue happens with other users and was solved changing the accuracy horizontal and vertical to 0.01, in our case, we have already in 0.01 for both. any idea how can i solve this for our drone survey in 09 of September?


Hi Survey 1,
Can you try processing with Accurate Geolocation and Orientation along with All Prior. It should help calibrate this project.