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Ctrl+DJI Keeps Stopping

Quite simply Crtl+DJI keeps stopping. Despite having tried all suggestions and guidance from active community following the trouble shooter, I am still unable to get the Crtl+DJI to connect to the P3S or continue running.

Samsung J6 running android 10
Latest version of Pix4D installed and reinstalled 4.10.0
Latest version of Ctrl+DJI installed and reinstalled 1.9.9
Phantom 3s Latest software available from DJI

With no other apps running i.e Pix4DCapture or DJI Go

WiFi connection between device and P3S established

Start Ctrl+DJI

Drone Status Connecting

Popup Message
Ctrl+DJI Keeps Stopping
App Info
Close App
‘Close app’ has no effect when selected and app info is just that?
Eventually Drone status ‘Disconnected’

I would be grateful for any guidance on this specific setup.

Many thanks