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"Ctrl+DJI keeps stopping" after Android 10 system update

Pix4Dcapture is no longer working after updating phone to Android 10. When opening app after connecting to Mavic 2 Pro, get message “Ctrl+DJI keeps stopping” and app doesn’t connect to the Mavic.

Anyone have a fix? We’re grounded.

Thanks, Eric

Pixel 3 phone, Android 10 (QP1A.190711.019)
Pix4Dcapture 4.5.0
Ctrl+DJI 1.9.6
Mavic 2 Pro Firmware 01.00.0510
DJI Controller Firmware 01.00.0510

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Hello, The Pix4Dcapture is not supported on the recent version of Android 10.
However, your interested has been shared with the developer team and at the moment we don’t have a clear timeline about when it is going to be supported.

Get your shit updated please! You guys have had ample time, to work out bugs, and other various issues. Google alone released their beta six months prior, to it’s version 10 release. I’ll pay for a new development team, and the software engineering if need be. Please let me know, seriously! Thanks in advance!



Hi Scott,
We have released Pix4Dcapture 4.6.0(android) today and it is supported on Android 10. I would recommend you to updates your app to the recent version.

Boa tarde!
Com está atualização não será mais necessário instalar o Ctrl +Dji? Pois este ainda não é compatível com Android 10.
Atualizei o Pix4dcapture para nova versão e ainda dá a mensagem do Ctrl+dji que dá erro. Continua a mesma coisa…
Obrigado desde já!

Hello Adriano,

From the latest Pix4Dcapture version and latest Ctrl+DJI plugin, you should be able to run our app using Android 10.
Note that Ctrl+DJI is still required to be able to run properly the application.


O plugin Ctrl+DJI ainda não é compatível com o Android 10. Inclusive na play store, na descrição do aplicativo fala que ainda não é compatível. Baixei ele novamente e continua dando erro.
Quando abro o Pix4dcapture ele dá a mensagem que o Ctrl+DJI apresenta falhas…

Bom dia Adriano,

Desculpe pelo mal entendido. No momento, o Pix4Dcapture ainda não é compatível com o Android 10 usando drones DJI e Ctrl + DJI. Será o caso no próximo lançamento.