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Creating multiple meshes at the same time

I would really like the option that he talks about in this video, an option to export multiple meshes with high resolution as possible.
The ideal setting would be that you first chose what resolution you want on the texture, then the program automatically calculates and divide the project into the number of 3d meshes you need to have to utilize the average GSD from the pictures, so you get meshes with the best optimal resolution as possible.

I create a lot of visualization that use FBX models with 32*32K resolution and I want as high texture as possible. My current workflow is to make one project, then divide the pointcloud into multiple groups, save each group as an own project, then disable all the other point in each group, and create multiple meshes that way. It takes a lot of space, and its time consuming, and also I won’t utilize the GSD as I don’t know how small I need to make each FBX.

Here is the video, recorded in 2015

Hi @asrer_waer,

Thank you for reaching out. Would it be possible that you point me to the exact time in the video where the option about exporting multiple meshes is mentioned? This will help me better understand the question.


The video I posted starts where he talks about it 32:25

I had a look, and the feature mentioned in the video is not implemented yet. So the same workaround should be applied - use smaller processing areas to generate individual meshes of smaller areas. Smaller areas will typically have a higher level of detail.

Thank you for adding this request here again so also others can commend and up vote.