Convert polylines to polygons?

We created polylines in AutoCAD and imported as .dxf to our project in Pix4d Cloud. We would like to have these lines as closed polygons instead to be able to see area measurements and volume calculations (see comparision in picture). The polylines are closed in AutoCAD. Is there an easy solutions to convert these polylines to polygons?

Hi Andreas,
There is currently no way to convert a polyline to a polygon in PIX4Dcloud. You will want to first create a polygon, not a polyline, in AutoCAD before importing into PIX4Dcloud.

Problem is that even if we make a polygon in AutoCAD it will still act as a polyline when we import it in Pix4d Cloud. So basically the question is what format we should export our closed lines in AutoCAD to make them appear as polygons in Pix4d Cloud? Does it make a difference if we convert to Json or SHP instead of DXF before importing?

Hi andreas1,
Thank you for posting this as it appears to require further investigation. From my tests it appears that Shapefile and JSON work just fine. I can’t say the same for the DXF. For the time being I don’t recommend using DXF to import.